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  • Easy Kid Recipes - Kid Cooking Made Easy
    Quick and easy kid recipes for the whole family including fun kid cooking projects, nutrition articles and other kid cooking resources.

  • Kid Holiday Recipes
    Fun kid holiday recipes including 4th of July, Halloween and many more kid friendly holiday recipes.

    • 4th of July Recipes
      Fun kid holiday recipes including 4th of july recipes and other kid friendly holiday recipes.

    • Kid Halloween Recipes
      Fun kid halloween recipes and scary food ideas plus many kid friendly party recipes.

      • Fun Halloween Food Ideas
        Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas and recipes for kids

      • Quick Halloween Treats
        Halloween is all about the treats. So, how can you make some fun treats at home that your little ones will love? It’s easier than you might think.

    • Kid Christmas Recipes
      Fun kid christmas recipes for kids and parents. Christmas is a great time for cooking with your kids, these recipes are easy and festive.

    • Kid Easter Recipes
      Fun kid easter recipes for kids and parents. Easter is a great time to cook with your kids. Try some of these sweet and tasty kid easter recipes with your kids today.

    • Kid Mother's Day Recipes

  • Kid Dessert Recipes
    Quick and easy kid dessert recipes the whole family will enjoy. Try one of these kid-friendly recipes.

    • kid cupcake recipes
      Yummy kid cupcake recipes. Easy to make cupcake recipes include double chocolate, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cupcakes and various other kid-friendly cupcake recipes.

    • Kid Jello Recipes
      Fun and easy kid jello recipes including whipped jello surprise, jello jigglers and many other fun jello recipes.

    • Kid Brownie Recipes
      Easy kid brownie recipes the whole family will love, gooey brownies, walnut brownies and many other kid favorites.

    • Kid Pudding Recipes
      Easy kid pudding recipes including quick and easy rice pudding, vanilla and other kid favorite pudding recipes.

    • Kid Muffin Recipes
      Easy kid muffin recipes including fruit muffins, chocolate chip and other kid favorite muffin and mini muffin recipes.

    • Kid Ice Cream Recipes
      Easy kid ice cream recipes including vanilla, chocolate, ice cream sadwich, family ice cream bar and other homemade kid-favorite ice cream recipes.

    • Kid Cookie Recipes
      Easy kid cookie recipes including peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, no bake cookie recipes and other kid friendly cookie recipes.

      • Kid Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes
        Easy chocolate chip cookie recipes for kids including classic chocolate chip, pecan, and other kid friendly chocolate chip cookie recipes.

      • Kid Sugar Cookie Recipes
        Easy kid sugar cookie recipes including old fashioned sugar cookies, easy sugar cookies and brown sugar cookie recipes.

      • Kid Peanut Butter Cookies
        Easy kid peanut butter cookie recipes including classic peanut butter cookies, chocolate peanut butter, and many other kid friendly peanut butter cookie recipes.

      • Kid Oatmeal Cookie Recipes
        Easy kid oatmeal cookie recipes including grandmas oatmeal cookies, oatmeal applesauce cookie recipe and other kid friendly oatmeal cookie recipes.

      • Kid No Bake Cookie Recipes
        Easy kid no bake cookie recipes including marshmallow cookies, no bake peanut butter cookies and other kid favorite no bake cookie recipes.

      • Kid Butter Cookie Recipes
        Easy kid butter cookie recipes including old fashion butter cookies, almond drop butter cookie recipe and other kid favorite cookie recipes.

      • More Kid Cookie Recipes
        Easy kid cookie recipes including fruit cookies, lemon raspberry cookiesold and other favorite kids cookie recipes.

    • Kid Cake Recipes
      Easy kid cake recipes including appplesauce and angel cake recipes.

  • Kid Breakfast Recipes
    Easy kid breakfast recipes including pancakes, waffles, French toast breakfast recipe, muffins, egg casseroles and many other kid friendly breakfast recipes.

    • Kid Breakfast Sandwich Recipes
      Easy kid breakfast sandwich recipes including ham and cheese baked croissants, egg and bacon pockets and many other kid friendly breakfast sandwich recipes.

    • Kid Breakfast Bar Recipes
      Easy kid breakfast bar recipes including honey crunch bars and many other kid favorite breakfast recipes.

    • Kid Cereal and Oatmeal Recipes
      Easy kid cereal and oatmeal recipes including apple and pear oatmeal, breakfast cereal cups and other kid friendly breakfast recipes.

    • Kid Pancake Recipes
      Easy kid pancake recipes including basic pancake recipe, classic weekend pancakes and many other kid favorite easy breakfast recipes.

    • Kid Egg Recipes
      Easy kid egg recipes including egg and bacon casserole, eggs in a nest, and other kid friendly easy egg breakfast recipes.

    • Kid Waffle Recipes
      Easy kid waffle recipes including buttermilk waffle recipe, strawberry waffles, blueberry and many other kid favorite breakfast waffle recipes.

    • Kid French Toast Recipes
      Easy kid French toast recipes including cinnamon apple French toast recipe, French toast sticks and other kid favorite easy breakfast recipes.

    • Kid Breakfast Muffin Recipes
      Easy kid breakfast muffin recipes including blueberry muffin recipe, savory muffins, banana muffins and other easy kid breakfast recipes.

  • Kid Snack Recipes
    Easy kid snack recipes including peanut butter banana wraps, homemade tortilla chips, pizza bagels and other fun kid snack recipes.

  • Kid Dip Recipes
    Easy kid dip recipes including whipped strawberry dip, creamy avocado dip, apple dip and other kid friendly dip recipes.

  • Kid Bread Recipes
    There are many options for bread recipes kids will enjoy. Create kid bread recipes with nuts or fruit to help them get the nutrients they need and a taste they'll like.

  • Kid Drink Recipes
    Easy kid drink recipes including smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream floats, lemonades, and other kid friendly easy to make drink recipes.

    • Kid Smoothie Recipes
      Easy kid smoothie recipes including nutrition guide information, mango mornings smoothie recipes, banana, and other kid favorite smoothie recipes.

    • Kid Hot Chocolate Recipes
      Easy kid hot chocolate recipes including classic hot chocolate, hot chocolate float, cocoa delight and other kid favorite easy drink recipes.

    • Kid Party Punch Recipes
      Easy kid party punch recipes including super creamy punch, sparkling party punch recipe, luau punch and other kid favorite party punch recipes.

    • Kid Cold Drink Recipe
      Easy kid cold drink recipes in a sparkling of colors, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon and other kid favorite easy drink recipes.

    • Kid Ice Cream Float Recipes
      Easy ice cream float recipes for kids including black cow float, strawberry ice cream float recipe and other kid ice cream float recipes.

    • Kid Milk Shake Recipes
      Easy kid milk shake recipes including thick vanilla shake, chocolate lovers milk shake recipe, vanilla swirl shake and other kid favorite easy milk shake recipes.

  • Kid Lunch Recipes
    Easy kid lunch recipes and lunch box ideas including sandwiches, pasta, baked potatoes and other kid friendly lunch time ideas and recipes.

    • Kid Sandwich and Wrap Recipes
      Easy kid sandwich recipes and filler ideas, easy wrap recipes for kids and kid friendly sandwich and wrap ides.

    • Kid Pasta Recipes
      Easy kid pasta and noodle recipes including quick chicken pasta, easy macaroni and cheese and other kid friendly lunch recipes and ideas.

    • Kid Baked Potato Recipes
      Easy kid baked potato recipes and quick filling ideas. Easily microwave and fill your baked potatoes for a quick and easy kid lunch idea.

    • Kid Lunch Box Ideas
      Easy kid lunch box ideas and recipes including nutritious lunch ideas and sample kid lunch box menu.

    • Kid Lunch Box Menu
      Easy kid lunch box menu sample and kid lunch box recipes and ideas for quick and easy nutritious kid lunches.

    • Packed Lunch Ideas
      It's not easy to keep coming up with healthy and fun school lunch ideas. No wonder most parents tend to pack the same foods over and over again.

  • Kid Mexican Recipes
    Easy kid Mexican recipes including chicken nachos, kid Mexican pizza, Mexican rice bowl, Mexican apple enchiladas other kid friendly Mexican recipes.

  • Kid Dinner Recipes
    Easy kid dinner recipes the whole family will enjoy including casseroles, kid friendly hamburgers, crock pot and other kid friendly dinner recipes.

    • Easy Hamburger Recipes
      Easy hamburger recipes for kids including mini burgers, hamburger wedges, veggie burger and other easy kid friendly hamburger recipes.

    • Easy Crock Pot Recipes
      Easy crock pot recipes for kids the whole family will enjoy including pork chop, beef and chicken crock pot recipes and other easy kid crock pot recipes.

      • Easy Chicken Crock Pot Recipes
        Easy chicken crock pot recipes for kids the whole family will enjoy including crock pot chicken and stuffing, crock pot chicken stew and other kid friendly crock pot recipes.

      • Easy Beef Crock Pot Recipes
        Easy beef crock pot recipes for kids the whole family will enjoy including hearty beef crock pot stew, steak crock pot and other kid friendly easy beef crock pot recipes.

      • Easy Pork Chop Crock Pot Recipes
        Easy pork chop crock pot recipes for kids including super tender crock pot chops and other kid friendly crock pot recipes.

      • Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes
        Easy crock pot roast recipes for kids including hearty crock pot roast, crock pot roast and veggies and other easy crock pot roast recipes.

    • Easy Casserole Recipes
      Easy casserole recipes for kids the whole family will enjoy including tuna casseroles, chicken, mexican and other easy casserole recipes.

    • Easy Chicken Recipes
      Easy chicken recipes for kid friendly dinners including honey chicken fingers, roast chicken, baked chicken and other kid friendly chicken recipes.

    • Roast Chicken Recipe
      Looking for a perfect every time roast chicken recipe? Try this moist and succulent roast chicken and potatoes recipe for a delicious and impressive roast dinner.

    • Easy Mashed Potato Recipes
      Easy mashed potato recipes for kids including creamy mashed potatoes, cheesy mash and other kid friendly mashed potato recipes.

    • Easy Roast Beef Recipes
      Easy roast beef recipes the kids and whole family will enjoy, kid-friendly roast beef dinner.

    • Easy Dinner Ideas For Kids
      Finding easy and good dinner ideas for kids can sometimes be a challenge, help is here.

  • Kid Back to School Recipes
    Make returning to school this year fun with these kid back to school recipes.

  • Kid Nutrition and Food Articles
    Many kid nutrition and food articles, healthy and nutritious recipes for kids.

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